I love this time of year

I love this time of year
Sitting in a tree during a snow storm

Monday, February 2, 2009

Evening Stand

Went out after work tonight and sat on a coyote run where I have seen them cross in the evenings. There were fresh tracks since I was there on Saturday so that is good. I used a turkey call to make a high pitch squeal. I would do this for about 30-40 seconds and wait 5 minuets or so and repeat. The third time I called I had a bunch of coyotes start howling off in the distance. Dont know if it was from the call or from just them out and about. They were pretty close to the deer yard that I have been watching so perhaps I will try that area next time out.

Sitting in the snow

We went out Saturday morning to a spot where I have seen coyotes and deer cross in the evenings to see if we could call in a coyote. We sat for 20 minuets in the first spot and called one in to about 150 yards but with no shot.

We moved about a half mile away and tried a beaver dam. Lots of deer crossing but not many coyote tracks. We called and had a couple howl at us from about 300 yard away but they never came in.

I had not deer hunted the second spot in several years but it showed some good buck sign. There were some large rubs in the hemlocks from the previous year and there were several runs crossing the swamp. I may have to look at this some more during the summer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coyotes and Deer

I have been watching more than 30 deer for about 4 weeks now. A local farmer left some standing corn and they have been hammering it. Funny thing is I know of at least 3 other hunters who are watching them as well but tonight was the first time I had seen anyone else there. Makes me wonder how many places that people hunt and think they have the place to them self are actually sharing their "secrete spot"??

Just before sunset we heard a pack of Coyotes howling about 500 yards back in the woods. As I was leaving I decided to drive by the back side of the field towards where we heard them and sure enough there were running field edge. Tomorrow I am going to sit in there with my rifle and also Saturday morning and try and thin the coyotes out a bit.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Headed out Saturday morning with a friend to check on a deer yard behind his house and to try and scare up a few dogs. We hit stood three stands with his brand new FX3 caller with no luck. Did not even cut a track.

We did see a lot of deer sign in the hemlocks where they have been yarded up but no coyote sign or antlers. We found two good rub lines that were missed during in season scouting and will go back and look for some good stand sites.

Tonight my friend called me and said that his son saw a coyote following two does through his back yard. Looks like we have to head back out there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deep snow

Decided to take a walk yesterday and check a few apple trees that the deer were hitting before the last storm. NOTHING, not even a coyote track. The deer must be yarded up back in the hemlocks. I guess I will get the snow shows out and go and see. I may take the rifle with me and sit on them to see if the coyotes are bothering them. There are a lot of coyotes in this spot so I am sure that they are.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New SpringWidget

Drive by

Went driving around this afternoon with no intention of getting out of the truck, that is until I saw an apple tree on the side of the road that was hammered with tracks. I parked the truck, bundled up and went for a walk. LOTS of deer tracks and a few coyote tracks. I followed a set that looked fresh but its hard to tell in this snow and ended up finding a swamp crossing that I never knew wast there.

I realize that their patters are different right now than early season but I think I may have found a place to hang a late season bow stand. Easy to get to, I can hide my truck when I park so people wont know I am there and its a short walk. Gotta love that!!