I love this time of year

I love this time of year
Sitting in a tree during a snow storm

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stolen stand

Went out again today after work to pull a stand that I had set near one of my Brother in laws stands. Walking in I did not notice the stand and wondered if I took the right trial. I pulled mine and walked out by the glow tacks and sure enough, the tree that held his stand was now void of one stand and a set of climbing sticks. I also noticed a set of foot pints that were mostly covered in snow heading from his tree in the direction of my stand.

I followed them and they stopped about 25 yards from my stands and circled back around his. I followed them and you could see where someone had driven a snowmobile in behind his stand, walked to, my brother in laws, and after taking that tried to follow my glow tacks to my stand. Lucky that those tacks were from an old set and did not go all the way to my stand.

We have had a problem with one hunter in that area in the past and we will be on the look out for him. My brother in law has his stand marked up under the seat, a place where people dont typically look. We also have two friends who are cops that hunt this area and if the person is stupid enough to put it up in the fall they know where to look for the marks.

Only good thing is that the land owner (250 acres) said that he is going to look into posting the land to hunting to trespassing with out written permission. The land is in conservation easement so he is not sure if he can. At the very least anyone on his land this year will be vigorously interrogated by the land owner. He liked that stand as he shot a deer from it this past season.

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